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Our story..

In 2016 members from Hilton Christian Fellowship and Crossways Church, both in Hilton KZN, started a discussion around helping the hurting members of the community.  This discussion led obtaining the Wholeness Course developed by Madz Deysel (previously from Grace Counselling), which consists of 3 parts; personal growth, an intensive and counselling skills training. Using this material and invaluable input from Madz, the first course was held in Hilton and our first volunteer lay counsellors were trained.

The initial discussion, and subsequent training, resulted in the establishment of Hope Counselling, as an NPO with registration number 246-105.

We serve the Midlands KZN community.


I initially doubted myself and the capabilities of my counsellors since they are not psychologists. This perception changed as sessions progressed. I love the fact that I have the luxury of two spiritually grounded people in a room, who have created a safe space for me to openly talk about my fears, anxieties as well as my dreams and aspirations.


I have been able to understand and process the experiences, emotions and beliefs that have shaped my life.  I realised that this process was worth the effort and that it did require some extra effort between sessions, it was then that I started to notice significant changes in my thoughts, emotions, beliefs and behaviour.


Hope Counselling, has literally given me HOPE…
Hope and courage to face my thorns head-on and start blossoming into a rose. As the Japanese do with their broken items, they put the pieces back together with gold as they journey through their heartaches, my counsellors have slowly helped me put those pieces back together.